March 2018, A neuron can cause a domino effect


June 2017, Diagnostics of Mendelian disorders by RNA sequencing

Coverage for our paper Kremer, Bader, et al. Diagnostics of Mendelian disorder by RNA sequencing, Nature communications, 2017

TUM press release: New route to a diagnosis

eMed-higlight: New route to a diagnosis

Genomeweb: Transcriptome Sequencing Boosts Diagnosis of Patients With Mitochondrial Disorders


June 2016, Transient Transcriptome sequencing

Coverage for our paper Schwalb, Michel, Zacher, et al. TT-Seq maps the human transient transcriptome, Science, 2016

TUM press release: Reading between the genes 

e:Med Highlight: Mapping regulatory regions

RNAseq blog: TT-seq maps the human transient transcriptome


February 2015, our junior alliance mitOmics is funded with 2.1 million Euros

TUM press release: Förderung für Suche nach Ursachen von mitochondrialen Krankheiten