For any application, please write to Julien Gagneur, with Inga Weise in copy,including your CV, transcripts if you're studying, and a brief motivation.

PhD and HiWi/Master thesis

We are constantly seeking for highly motivated students in bioinformatics, physics and/or applied mathematics for their PhD or Master thesis. Quantitative minds with a strong interest for biology, or biologists with computational skills and eager to understand biology at the genome level will fit our team. 

Open Master projects:

  • Diagnosis of genetic disorders by transcriptome sequencing
    The goal of this master thesis is to develop and extend bioinformatic models and pipelines to find the causal variant. The student will analyse a multiomic dataset including WES, RNA-Seq and Proteomics based on more then 200 undiagnosed patients. 

  • Modeling of gene expression from DNA sequence by convolutional network
    The goal of this master thesis is to develop a robust statistical model that jointly models the genetic regulatory code and the activity of regulatory proteins. The student will extend CONCISE (COnvolutional neural Network for CIS-regulatory Elements), a Tensorflow framework we recently developed.

  • Further master projects can be defined according to the skills and interests of the applicants. Do not hesitate to contact us! 

PhD at the Graduate School of Quantitative Biosciences Munich (QBM)

We are proud members of QBM, a graduate school funded by the German excellence initiative to promote quantitative biosciences. Students selected by QBM will get their own stipend, extra training from the graduate school, and conduct interdisciplinary research under the direction of two labs with complementary expertise. Check the QBM web site for application schedule and specific projects. 


Further bioinformatics projects in Munich

Check the bioinformatik-muenchen web site.