June 2017, Diagnostics of Mendelian disorders by RNA sequencing

Coverage for our paper Kremer, Bader, et al. Diagnostics of Mendelian disorder by RNA sequencing, Nature communications, 2017

TUM press release: New route to a diagnosis

eMed-higlight: New route to a diagnosis

Genomeweb: Transcriptome Sequencing Boosts Diagnosis of Patients With Mitochondrial Disorders


June 2016, Transient Transcriptome sequencing

Coverage for our paper Schwalb, Michel, Zacher, et al. TT-Seq maps the human transient transcriptome, Science, 2016

TUM press release: Reading between the genes 

e:Med Highlight: Mapping regulatory regions

RNAseq blog: TT-seq maps the human transient transcriptome


February 2015, our junior alliance mitOmics is funded with 2.1 million Euros

TUM press release: Förderung für Suche nach Ursachen von mitochondrialen Krankheiten