Oberseminar Computational Genomics

Module      IN2122

Lecturer   Julien Gagneur

Room        MI 01.13.007

Time         12:45 - 13:45

Time Table

Wed, 26.04.2017 Daniel Bader tba
Wed, 03.05.2017 Ziga Avsec tba
Wed, 10.05.2017 no Oberseminar tba
Wed, 17.05.2017 Vladimir Golkov Protein Contact Prediction from Amino Acid Co-Evolution and Deep Learning
Wed, 24.05.2017 no Oberseminar
Wed, 31.05.2017 Amin Barekatain Deep Learning for Predicting RBP Interaction Sites
Wed, 07.06.2017 no Oberseminar
Wed, 14.06.2017 Juri Stricker fastGenoGAM: Estimating parameters with (L-)BFGS
Wed, 21.06.2017 Dr. Michael Ziller Dissecting the gene regulatory logic underlying the establishment of cellular states
Wed, 28.06.2017 Jun Cheng An overview of computational splicing prediction models
Thu, 06.07.2017, 2:00pm Dr. Lucas Jae Genetic dissection of cellular programs in dead cells
Wed, 12.07.2017 Prof. Dr. Bertram Müller-Myhsok Genetics of major depression - loci at last
Tue, 18.07.2017 Alex Wolf Graph abstraction relates subgroups of single cells
Wed, 26.07.2017 Vicente Yepez tba